Private Yoga

Private Yoga

This time belongs to YOU! After a free consultation call with Kate, she will work to tailor your practice around your individual needs and goals. Private yoga is a great fit for anyone who:

  • isn’t ready to take a yoga class in a group or studio setting
  • has specific injuries or health concerns
  • wants more individualized attention
  • needs more of a challenge than they are getting in studio classes
  • just doesn’t get motivated enough through basic online workouts

In a private yoga session, you’ll work with Kate either in person or virtually. Each time you practice privately with Kate, she will guide you through postures that make sense for your body and your mindset in that present moment. Your practice moves at your pace, so you can enjoy the freedom of having the time to try to master a specific posture, slow down for a more restorative practice, or speed things up for a vigorous practice all in real-time! 

Small group private sessions are also available for groups of up to four people.

Contact us to learn more about private and group private yoga sessions!