Amethyst Yoga Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Whether you’re looking to treat your employees to a gentle mindfulness practice or more active yoga classes, Amethyst Yoga will help your company save money while improving the overall happiness, wellbeing and performance of your staff. 

After a quick discovery call, we will create an ideal program that aligns with your company culture, direct needs, and schedule.

Why Business Owners Love It: 

  • Save money on annual health care 
  • Achieve more focused and mindful employees
  • Enjoy happier employees 
  • Improve efficiency with less days taken off by employees 
  • See an overall boost in office morale 
  • Fulfill company’s health and wellness requirements 
  • May be paid for by insurance! 

Why Employees Love It: 

  • Opportunity to unwind and destress for better performance
  • Promotes self-care
  • Improves health and overall wellness 
  • Extremely convenient – no additional travel required to gym or yoga studio 
  • Employees feel more valued and appreciated by employers

All offerings are available either in person or virtually unless otherwise specified. Team-building events, corporate retreats, and customizable packages are available upon request.  

Workplace Yoga and Meditation Packages

15 Minute Zoom Stretch

  •  Quick, seated stretch or meditation session done virtually via Zoom
  • Release tension, help break up the day and set employees up for a successful finish to the workday

30 Minute Mid-Day Power Chair Stretch

  •  Traditional yoga postures are modified to be done while seated or standing near a chair
  •  Release stiff muscles and alleviate tension from the body

45 Minute Chair Yoga and Meditation

  • Guided breathwork and meditation are added to the chair yoga practice
  • Relax the body and relieve tension while clearing the mind to improve productivity and alleviate stress

60 Minute Happy Hour Vinyasa Flow

  • Teaches employees how to move their bodies with their breath
  • Perfect for all levels, provides a balanced workout and deep stretch, all while relaxing the mind
  • Mats provided upon request

60 Minute HIIT Yoga Fusion w/ Weights

  • Convenient, well-rounded workout sans commute!
  • Upbeat and energetic, traditional yoga is combined with HIIT workout sequences and small hand weights
  • Mats and weights provided upon request

Contact us for a free consultation call to learn more about how our corporate yoga programs can enhance your business!