Kate Lewis Amethyst Yoga

About Me

Hi! Welcome to Amethyst Yoga. My name is Kate and I will be guiding you through your practice.

If you would have told me a few years ago that I’d be living in Ocean County, NJ and loving my life as a yoga teacher, I never would have believed you. While I always enjoyed moving my body in some capacity, health and wellness had never been a huge priority for me.

My attitude changed drastically in 2014. I was working to heal through trauma that had occurred a few years prior, and I wasn’t in a very good place mentally or physically. I was eating unhealthily, drinking too much alcohol, and offering my body little to no exercise. That year my mother passed away, and I quickly saw that I had to choose between continuing down an unhealthy path or finding a more productive way to deal with my grief. On a whim, I bought a 30 day membership to a yoga studio, and I never looked back.

I immediately loved the mental peace and clarity that I gained each time I stepped onto my mat. For the first time that I could remember, I was able to greet myself with no expectations or judgement, and I loved seeing both my physical body and my practice begin to grow stronger with each class. After every yoga class that I took, I felt more relaxed and a lot less stressed, and this helped me process some of the deep emotions that I was working through at the time.

Because of the immense healing that I personally received through yoga, I knew that I wanted to share this gift with others. I left a corporate career in sales and marketing to obtain my first 200 hour certification in 2017. I began teaching in-studio classes immediately after my first teacher training and to date, I have obtained over 500 hours of education from some of NJ’s and NYC’s most renowned yoga instructors and have taught well over 1,000 classes.

I founded Amethyst Yoga in 2021 to provide a welcoming, non-judgemental space for people to connect with themselves. I currently offer group classes, private yoga, corporate yoga, meditation, and restorative yoga retreats. All of my classes can be enjoyed in person or virtually, and when the weather is warm enough, you can find me teaching beach yoga in Ortley Beach.

The mission of Amethyst Yoga is to encourage my students to practice self-love and acceptance while breaking through their mental barriers. I work to empower my students to challenge themselves physically while creating strong awareness of their own bodies. I hope to show all of my students that anyone and everyone can enjoy the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits that yoga has to offer, no matter where they are at in their lives.